Monte has completed a wide variety of paintings, from stage sets to underwater aquatic life captured in realistic detail. He is open to your ideas for the subject of a painting you would like to have. Just email him to begin a discussion of possibilities.

Daily views at 60 feet above sea level, from my back yard, inspire many of my paintings of cloud formations, and magnificent colours of the sunset sky.

Furthest East, and the base of the Bluff is a very small island named Little Cayman Brac. From on top of the Bluff at 150 feet, looking down on it there are always Booby Birds and Frigates flying in the wind currents.

In 1985 I developed a signature technique for the horizon line which I always use where sky and earth meet. It creates dimension with an allusion of infinity.

Techniques of night sky and ocean were learned with repetitious study of exactly the right amount of white areas for absence of colour.

Old buildings built on pier and beam offer unusual problems of curved or warped lumber to portray, which conflicts with the artist's instinct to make everything symmetrical and lines straight.

In 1998, my photographic tour of Egypt and Jordan gave me new perspective of ancient time, people and life.

October 2011, the sky lit up at sunset in fabulous colour, with the birch trees bark appearing to glow from the sunlight. This is my wife's current favourite painting.

White sandy roads with shadows on the sand are challenging, as the perfect shade of off white must be achieved.

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