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Redesign and construction of a wooden replica of a boat to be used as a parade float in the annual National Pirate's Week Festival in Grand Cayman

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Painting of canvas to create a huge life size stage set of a Fort for Pirate's Week Festival final dimension were 15 feet tall by 36 feet wide.

Something Different

It not only required stretching the final painted canvas on 2"x6" lumber, but it also required transport to location, building a level platform for erecting on and then safety concerns, where when it was set fire with explosives, no nails, or debris would end up in the crowd of observers.

Explosive charges were installed underwater for realistic attack of canon fire to destroy the Fort. On the day of the Pirate's attack on the Fort the staging crew started at 8 am, to start rigging the area under the Fort with 3 gallon pails of diesel fuel, a large balloon of airplane glue, the setting 6 to 8 charges one foot under the surface, tied to the bottom with wires extending to land to connect with trigger board.

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